Security and health of students during the program!

Ensuring the safety of your teen as they, travel with BLiT is the most important thing we do. We have refined our safety and security protocols to become a leader among providers of teen travel programs.

We take students to remote destinations, expose them to unfamiliar surroundings, and encourage personal growth through exploration. When conducted responsibly, these experiences transform students in ways that are impossible to replicate inside the classroom, and for this reason, the health and safety measures we take are a fundamental part of our travel programs.

BLiT Health and Safety Measures

Food and Water

BLiT chefs and cooks prepare meals and can make necessary adjustments for specific dietary needs and allergies. Some meals will take place at trusted local restaurants. All water is bottled or purified.

Accommodation and Transportation

All participants stay at carefully vetted hotels, guesthouses, camps, or with trusted homestay families. Vehicle transportation is provided by BLiT drivers.

Vendors and Partners

BLiT reviews all external service providers, including accommodation, and activity vendors, annually. Vendor business infrastructure, hiring and training processes, and emergency management systems are assessed to make sure they are reputable and safe.

Preparing for Your Trip

  1. Complete BLiT’s Medical and Emergency form, which includes relevant medical histories, medications, food allergies, and dietary restrictions.
  2. Ask BLiT any additional questions about your upcoming trip. They can also provide pre-trip support before you leave, including instructions for obtaining vaccinations and visas, and offering packing tips.
  3. Attend a pre-trip information session either in person or online to ask any last-minute questions about your trip.

During Your Trip

  1. Meet your expert Program Leaders, who will be with you around the clock to deliver your program experience, answer any questions, or provide any medical assistance. Students and their parents have 24 / 7 emergency support and access to services AMREF TANZANIA flying doctors

Additional Safety Information

Q: Who is responsible for health and safety at BLiT?
A: In addition to our experienced local Operations staffs, we employ a Health and Safety Team that includes a consulting physician and psychologist.

Q: Who leads BLiT Programs?
A: Many Program Leaders have backgrounds in teaching, experiential education, or international development. All full-time leaders are Wilderness First Responders and seasonal staff are First Aid certified—at a minimum. All Program Leaders receive additional specialized training annually in country before each summer travel season begins.

Q: Does BLiT have a flying medical and evacuation provider?
A: Yes! BLiT also monitors safety and security with the help of AMREF TANZANIA flying doctors a leader in air medical, security, and travel services. All BLiT travelers also must have access to AMREF TANZANIA flying doctor’sservices.

Q: Does BLiT sell travel insurance?
A: All participants of BLiT programs are strongly recommended to consider buying their own comprehensive medical insurance coverage. For students departing from the United States, werecommendTrip Mate. For students departing from outside the United States, we recommend Trawick International. Each company offers a travel protection plan designed to protect our participants, their belongings, and their travel investment in those unforeseen circumstances that may arise during travel.

Contact the companies to purchase plans or for more information.

Q: How does BLiT respond to emergencies?
A: Our Operations teams and the Safety Director create risk management plans. They include critical incident protocols and natural disaster plans. However, most incidents BLiT responds to involve minor illnesses common during international travel. Program Leaders manage these situations with the support of our Operations teams.

If an incident is more serious, our Operation team works with BLiT’s Crisis Response Team to coordinate the appropriate action, which could include engaging AMREF TANZANIA flying doctors. BLiT’s Safety Director, Medical Director, and Mental Health Director remain available to ensure that students, families, and other essential stakeholders are informed and supported throughout incidents.