Tanzania is combination of Tanganyika and two beautiful island called Zanzibar and Pemba, this offers a huge range of filming locations from the Indian Ocean, national parks, Tanganyika and Victoria lakes, oldest towns and, of course, Kilimanjaro. But there is so much more. Tanzania takes three days to drive across and that's not just due to the road conditions it's a really big country.

Filming in Tanzania requires Filming Permits allowing you to film in particular Locations  the process, and procedures of applying for Filming permits In Tanzania can be daunting without the help of a professional Film Crew Fixing company. All Tanzania Filming Permits are issued by the Tanzanian Film Censorship Board – a body mandated by the Tanzanian government to oversee all issuance of Valid Filming permits for Filming in Tanzania. BLiT Films and Safaris can assist you in completing the mandatory Tanzania Filming application form, putting together all information needed, getting it endorsed by your local Tanzanian Embassy, and then submitting it to the Tanzania Authorities for approval

For all Filming Crews and Production Companies, we recommend that you allow ample time to the process of application, and acquiring all your Tanzania Filming Permits. If you have limited time, a rushed last-minute permit might be possible however, the costs are much higher.

In general there is not much infrastructure for incoming crews and they generally have to bring most of what they need.

Premier filming Locations in Tanzania

Tanzania and Zanzibar offer an extraordinary array of locations. There's amazing underwater potential o ff the islands – Pemba in particular also notable is whale shark season on Mafia Island. The most common location requests are to film Zanzibar, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro.

What are the more unusual locations to film in Tanzania?

We have great local villages with great traditional way of life, towns unchanged since the 50s(oldest towns), huge rivers and lots of wide open spaces both in and outside national parks. In parts of western Tanzania you can drive through forests for a whole day without seeing anyone. It's amazing that more feature films have not used Tanzania, as the natural areas are varied and plentiful.